From UW to Kobe
Making Arrangements for Kobe

I’ve been really excited for Kobe for a couple reasons. First, I received info about my dorm the other day and secondly I found out that my tutor is going to be my friend Hagi!

When I was signing up to stay in the dorms for Japan I was initially a little worried because I heard how tiny the rooms can be. However, when I received the email about my dorm arrangement I was blown away! My dorm room is a single and it has its own bathroom and kitchen. The dorm is also 2km away from campus, so I plan to buy a bike and bike to school each day.

I was even happier when I found out that my tutor was going to be Hagi :D

(Hagi @ JSA dance)

Usually the exchange students at Kobe are given a Grad student as a tutor during the year, but Hagi was somehow assigned to me this year! Hagi was one of the exchange students from Kobe last year and I had gotten to know him really well. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with him and my other Kobe friends this year!

Preparing for Departure

Wow my first blog post before I go to Kobe University!

If you’re reading this blog chances are you probably already know me and have heard that I’m going to be studying abroad this fall at Kobe university. However for those of you who might be reading my blog from the Foster Business School link I’ll give a quick bio of who I am and the program I’m going to be doing.

First my name is Scott at I’m a third year student at UW.

My major is International Business and Accounting.

I like traveling and meeting new people.

I dislike being late and not doing anything on the weekend

I’m going to be attending Kobe University this fall through a direct exchange through the Foster Business School.

I’ll keep this blog updated at least once a week so you won’t miss anything!